A common belief exists that it takes months to buy a home. This may be valid for some people, but this results from wanting something particular or failing to fit one’s needs into one’s budget. A limited inventory in the region in which you shop can also affect.

In reality, from shopping to closing, the average period you can allow is around three months. Some people automatically find the ideal home. There may be no need for others to rush. If you can do it, taking plenty of time to find just the right home is perfect. There are some ways to make the process easier, however. A very good realtor, for instance, would have a great knowledge of inventory and know exactly where to look, and can help you narrow down a shortlist more quickly.

Since so many customers believe it will take a lot longer for the shopping process, many are not as eager as they may be to close. Others may not be certain what the next steps are. You will need to get a final mortgage approval, a home inspection, and valuation, buy title and homeowners insurance, and plan for closing funds once you have chosen the property. Be aware that home inspection problems can cause you to change your mind. Before you can start shopping, it’s a good idea to have a strong idea of what concerns you can manage and what might be deal killers.

Having your loan prequalified or pre-approved is the best way to prevent closing delays. The two words are used interchangeably often. Being prequalified means that you already have an idea of the amount of money you are able to send your lender. It can also mean that you already know if you have credit problems, which may help prevent any of the possible closing issues. A fair budget that you can use when shopping for a home is the amount for which you were prequalified. This stops you from wasting time, and you have no chance of being able to afford the vendors looking at assets. Also, because you are prequalified, once the contract is signed, the lender can usually move quicker. This will greatly reduce the closing time and help make sure you are able to get in quickly. Keep in mind that prequalification is not a promise that you will obtain the loan, as later issues can be discovered. As you search for the home, you can normally get prequalifications. If you can’t get a prequalification or don’t get the amount you need, you should take action to increase your credit score or investigate the reasons why.

Sometimes the house buying process can be much quicker than you expect, particularly if you have a good realtor or live in an area where good inventory is available. While some individuals spend months seeking the right house, this is relatively uncommon, and if you find the right home, you should be ready to go. A perfect way to ensure that you are ready to move is to get your mortgage pre-approved, and it also ensures that you have a chance to talk to your lender and ask for their advice.